Kerco Incorporated

HDPE Fusion & Electrofusion

Kerco can send technicians to your site to perform butt fusion or electrofusion services.  We are capable of field fusing or electrofusing piping up to 24" IPS.  Often times, we can repair damaged piping or fuse new piping into your damaged line to get you up and running fast.  Our technicians are here to help!

Pipe Fusion Work

Kerco can come to your site & perform any type of HDPE butt fusion work in sizes ranging from 3/4" to 24" IPS.  Our Pipe Horses & Mobile Equipment can get your job done fast from anywhere from one fusion to thousands of feet of piping.
Electrofusion allows work to be done in tight spaces, overhead, vertically, & in ditches.  This means that there is no need to try to get a large fusion machine to where you're working.  Kerco keeps a large inventory of Electrofusion couplings in stock for permanent repairs to HDPE piping systems.