Kerco Incorporated


Kerco, Incorporated began as a service oriented company, and we intend to use that business model to propel us into the future!  Many other companies are simply catalog houses, only looking for your purchase order, but we are problem solvers.  If you ask for it, we will do whatever necessary to make it happen.  We understand your needs & intend to meet them! 

Kerco has a full service HDPE fabrication shop.  We fabricate our own elbows, tees, wyes, branch saddles, etc.  We can come to your site, design the piping system necessary, and produce it in the timeframe necessary to meet your schedule!  Kerco keeps a huge inventory of piping and fittings in stock & we can facilitate your needs.  This includes custom fittings, flanges, valves, & whatever you need to make or keep your piping system running.  Kerco can offer turn-key solutions from a single fitting, to plumbing your entire processing facility.  Everything from 1/2" HDPE to 24" IPS HDPE can be fabricated in house to meet your requirements.
Kerco can send technicians to your site to perform butt fusion or electrofusion services.  We are capable of field fusing or electrofusing piping up to 24" IPS.  Often times, we can repair damaged piping or fuse new piping into your damaged line to get you up and running fast.  Our technicians are here to help!
Kerco has participated in a number of pumping projects, from design, to supply, to installation.  We can supply vertical turbine pumps, valves, fittings, piping, all aluminum docks / floats, & everything necessary to get your water management needs under control.  Contact us today if you have a need to move water.

Kerco also employs a full-service I.T. support staff.  We are a Dell Premier Partner, and Microsoft Certified Solution Provider.  Contact us for further information.