Kerco Incorporated

EZMP Belt Drives

This cutaway of the EZ MP Belt Drive pully shows how the AC motor, gearbox, bearings, and stationary external shaft are all contained INSIDE the pulley itself.

All of the internal components run in a bath of synthetic oil which lubricates all of these parts. 

The heat generated by the pulley is pulled away by the belt that moves across the pulley. The stub shafts on the external ends of the pulley are stationary and do not rotate. They are attached with mounting blocks at either end of the pulley, thus eliminating the need for pillow block bearings and reducing the risk of injury

due to moving parts.

The EZ MP Belt Drive is the type of state-of-the-art technology that Kerco Incorporated is dedicated to researching and providing to all our clients to help them increase their efficency, and ultimately, their profits!

Cutaway Pulley