Kerco Incorporated

EZMP Belt Drives


The Patent Pending Kerco EZMP Belt Drives are the most simple, easy to install belt drives to date & feature virtually no maintenence!  This self-contained system has no bulky gearboxes hanging off the sides, which only lead to less safe working conditions and a greater potential for mechanical failure.

The 150HP Pony Drive (2 ea. 75HP motorized pulleys)
The key to the reliability, safety, and efficiency of the EZMP Belt Drives is that everything (the gearbox, the motor, & the bearings) is placed INSIDE the pulleys themselves!  The pulley is partially filled with oil that will need to be changed only every 30,000 hours of operation.  That is 3.4 years of operation, running constantly, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year!  That is ALL that is required!
150HP Pony Drive Top View